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Submitted by: David Cooper

From: Georgia


Added: 12/05/2016


NMCB 62 Diego Garcia 1977 How the years pass!

Submitted by: Norm Hahn - Alumni Group Secretary

From: Wisconsin


Added: 12/03/2016


Minutemen, apparently there are some of you having problems getting the 2017 Gulfport reunion four page registration, event and price pages. If you are one of those having problems, send me an EMAIL and I'll email them to you ASAP.

Submitted by: Jim Post

From: Anoka Mn


Added: 12/02/2016


NMCB 62 77 to 79

Submitted by: Norm Hahn

From: Wisconsin


Added: 12/01/2016


The 2017 Gulfport, Mississippi & NMCB 62 Reunion schedule, tours, and costs ARE NOW sent out.

If you have not received it in your email then you are NOT on their email list.

Go to link 1 of this website and get the email address of Gulfport Island X-1 Reunion Committeeman Glen Kellerman and send him an email requesting a copy.

Remember, we will have our Minuteman meeting Sunday morning at the reunion hotel, the Ramada, @ 10:30am.

Submitted by: carl smith

From: Pennsylvania


Added: 11/28/2016


iwas in the first deployment in 66 to wey phu bai spelling may be incorrect. i was in b company. stellworker sw3.

Submitted by: Allison Demirjian

From: Cranston, RI


Added: 11/01/2016


Did anyone on here ever serve with my uncle from 73-74 in Vietnam? Robert Martin Demirjian from Rhode Island? My dad said his brother never came back from Vietnam the same and its hard for him to talk about it. I'm trying to understand what happened to my uncle. If anyone served with him, please contact me. I'm his niece. Thank you!

Submitted by: Ashley Carlisto

From: Phoenix AZ


Added: 10/24/2016


My Grandmother and I were reading the 1976-77 "war stories" from Diego Garcia. My dad was there those years does anyone remember Ken Mioduski? My grandma said that they called him Ski. If you knew him or have any photos of him during that time please share. Also, if you or anyone you know have any stories involving him we would love to hear, Thank you!

Submitted by: Robert Miller

From: GA


Added: 10/18/2016


Seabee from 1979-1984

Submitted by: Lonnie Wright

From: Morganfield, KY


Added: 09/25/2016


Looking for Asa Johnson or any one who may know how to get in touch with him. He served from 1972 - 1975 or 1976.


Submitted by: Norm Hahn, NMCB 62 Secretary

From: Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Added: 09/07/2016


I received this information on 13 Sep 2016 from "The Seabee News" the official publication of the Vietnam Era Seabees. The Vietnam Era Seabees sponsored the East Coast All Seabee Reunion for many years. Below is the actual newsletter column written by their president.

"President's Column:

It is with much sadness that I'm writing you, our members, to inform you that our organization, The Vietnam Era Seabees, is no longer going to be able to exist. We've tried more than once to invite members to join in running the organization but never did receive enough offerings to continue.

Unfortunately we've run our course and all good things must come to an end.

We want to thank all those who've been with us and all those who've been involved in running the VNES. We also thank all those who've attended our reunions. It was enjoyable to both hold the events and to attend them.

The Executive Board will be divvying up whatever there is left in the Grab Bag. Most will be donated to the Port Hueneme, CA and Davisville, RI Museums. Any liquid assets will be donated to Seabee related organizations such as the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association and the Wounded Seabee Fund.

As stated above, it's something that we never wanted to see happen but we probably knew it was inevitable? We thank all those for the years of membership, involvement and contributions. We wish all the best of luck and we still hope to be able to cross paths with all in the future. Until we meet again ...

Construimus, Batuimus
President- Vietnam Era Seabees, Inc.
Bruce MacDougall (NMCB- 40 "C" Co., 1/67 - 7/69)".

We, the members of NMCB 62 will hold our 2017 annual reunion in Gulfport, Mississippi in April 2017. The Minutemen hold this reunion in conjunction with our good friends at Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Island X-1 Gulfport who sponsor the Gulfport ALL SEABEE reunion. See link # 1 of this website for more on that reunion. If anyone has any questions, please send me an email. I hope to see you at the April 2017 Gulfport reunion. Best regards, Can Do, Norm