Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 62 Alumni Group

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Seabees Battalion Websites and Contact Information

Gulfport All Seabee Reunion
All questions, requests for event schedules & registration forms:
Contact Robert "Bob" Smith - cell: 228-424-1185 - email:
Updated 1-22-2019

Contact Peter Dowd - cell: 781-837-0393 email:

MCB 2, CBMU 1/101, CBD 1802, CBD 1804 and CBMU 577 Reunion Assoc
Contact Scott Williams - email:

Contact Harold Schrage - email:
Victor Horvath - phone: 832-722-9434 - email:
updated 3-4-2019

Contact Dean Yaeger - cell: 402-499-5289 - email:
updated 1-19-2019

Contact Linda Miers - email:

6th Special NCB Station Log, 1943 - 1945

6th Special Seabees, WWII

Contact John Bevier - email:

MCB 7 & NMCB 7
Contact Denny Blaisdell - email:
updated 3-15-2018

Eight Ball Battalion. 8th NCB in WWII 1942-1945

NMCB 8 Association Website

Contact Dave Kurre -

Contact John Arnott -

NMCB 10 Association.
Contact Bill Annett -

MCB 11
Contact Larry Hagler -

NMCB 14 Alumni Group
Contact Fred Bossard -

Contact Frank Ruedel - phone:626-286-9662

25th Naval Construction Battalion in WWII

31st NCB of WWII

34th NCB in WWII as seen and documented by Chief Warrant Officer Samuel H. Hall, CEC, USNR

no contact information from them

NMCB 53 Alumni Association, WWII and Vietnam

56th NCB
Contact Bill Rosevally -

Contact John Hughes - phone:571-332-5961 -

Official Facebook Account

NMCB 62 in Vietnam. Photos of four deployments. Five galleries with 213 photos: See link 2, photos, in our website.

NMCB 62 Minutemen KIA during the Vietnam War: See link # 6, MCB 62 Minutemen History

MCB 62 in WWII

NMCB 62 BEEP Magnetic vehicle markers

NMCB 62 Coin (Challenge Coin): The Seabee Museum store in Port Hueneme CAN get the Minutemen challenge coin. Call the store at 1-805-382-2585, ask for Bill Shaner.
Order by email -

To purchase a CD of ALL NMCB 62 Cruise Books, including WWII: Contact NMCB 62 Secretary Norm Hahn at

Other Battalion Cruise Books can be purchased from the Seabee Gift Shop at Port Hueneme.

67th NCB
Contact Diane Swanson Nugent -

Contact Ed Stone - phone:251-978-4562 -

Old Antarctic Explorers Association
Contact J.L. West - phone:210-651-3650 -

MCB 71: 1966 - 75 & WWII
Contact John Allsworth - phone:309-682-6158 -

NMCB 74, Desert Storm/Desert Shield Reunion
Contact Josh Turner -

Contact Fred Hummel -

93rd Seabees Battalion WWII

112th Seabees

WWII Okinawa
A salute to the 6th Marine Division who enabled the 112th NCB to land unopposed and safely occupies the southern end of the Island Website

121st NCB in WWII

MCB 121
Contact Dave Pearson - phone:210-289-4616 -

NMCB 133 Vietnam Era
Contact Dennis Ruocco -

Diego Garcia Seabees.
C-141 pilot Maj. Ted Morris' website.
Diego Garcia Photos taken by Eric Howell in 1983

NSA/NSF DaNang Veterens Association.
Contact Bernie Uhrinek - phone:724-353-9627 -

CBMU 302.
Contact Tom Vandenberg - phone:509-520-5396 -

Naval Nuclear Power Unit PM-3A.
Contact Bob Fort -

Port Hueneme Seabees.
Contact Ed Kloster

Edzell, Scotland Public Works Department (PWD) Seabees

The Battle of Saipan WWII - The Final Curtain.

Seabees in Korea 1950 - 1953

Twin Cities, Minnesota Island X-2 NSVA.

Seabee Plaque Type Marker.
Nebraska Island X-1, Seabee Veteran Bill Williams has developed a Seabee Plaque type marker that can be used to mark a grave and display a National Flag or used for a lawn maker displaying that you were a proud Navy Seabee. There are 3 options for sale of the marker and the marker can be used for mounting on concrete or displaying a flag with a steel rod provided. I was honored by Bill and Island X-1 in Nebraska to have the opportunity purchase the first one which I did today via "Pay Pal". We Seabees have always required an appropriate cemetery grave marker to reflect the proud service to our Nation. To see the design of the marker, go to website and I believe you will be most pleased with what you see there.
Find us on Facebook at "Nebraska Seabees" or
Carl Barrett, UTC, USN (Ret), Former NSVA National Commander.

Need a Copy of Your Service Record?

Contact Lori Berdak Miller, a professional Military Service Record Researcher, located near St. Louis, MO.
Visit her website for additional information, fee schedules and contact information.

Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC), Gulfport, MS.
Website Facebook


Seabees KIA from WWII through 23 Jan 2012.

Seabees KIA during the Vietnam War

NMCB 62 Minutemen KIA during the Vietnam War

Together We Served website, Marines Memorial Association, ROLL OF HONOR. Remembering those who fell in the service of our great Nation

Are you searching for a long-lost Seabee?

The CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation, Inc., Gulfport, MS has thousands of names of Seabee Foundation members and may be able to assist.

The Navy Seabee Veterans of America (NSVA) also have thousands of Seabee member names and may be able to assist. Email the secretary.

WWII Seabees from MCB 62 are listed alphabetically in the Cruise Book. Officers and Chiefs are in Part 9 and Enlisted men are in Part 10.

Seabees from Vietnam Era Message Board - Find a long-lost Seabee buddy.

Armed Forces Locator

Seabees: The Navy's Fighting Construction Men in WWII from Pearl Harbor to Salerno, Italy. A 44 minute movie narrated by Admiral Ben Moreel

Building the Navy's Bases in WWII. History of the Bureau of Yards and Docks and the Civil Engineer Corps (SEABEES) 1940-1946

Seabees in WWII. 56 actual archival films and film clips taken on location during WWII. See your Seabee husband, father, son, brother, relative or friend.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

VETFLIX Vetflix is an organization that specializes in interviewing Seabees and producing high quality seabee veteran history films.
Contact Dan Marcek - phone: 603-801-6943 -

Seabee These are the Stories of the U.S. Navy Construction Battalions, The Seabees.

VETFLIX is rolling out "SeabeeTV" onto cable - half hour films that share stories from our interviews and educate the public about the Seabees. We posted our first episode on Youtube - you can view it at: "World War II Seabees of NH"

Seabee Museum and Memorial Park, Davisville, Rhode Island

Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) Gulfport, Mississippi

Seabee Museum
Website - Facebook

U. S. Naval Construction Force. Welcome to the Home of the SEABEES. The Seabee Official Navy Website

Civil Engineers, Seabees, and Bases in Vietnam

Seabees in Vietnam Photo Galleries 1963 - 1975 and message board

Seabee Built Bridges in Vietnam

Seabee Museum Store


Naval Expeditionary Logistics Support Force (COMNAVELSF)


Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

The Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial Website

The Vietnam Wall with Faces of Each Person -

The Coffelt Database of Vietnam Casualties website

Another resource for Vietnam War information relating to any of the services, with several hundred links

The Virtual Wall. Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
This really is an amazing website. First click on a state. When it opens, scroll down to the city where you went to high school and look at the names. Click on the name and it will give details of the person's death, a picture or at least their bio and medals.

Vietnam Veterans Home Page (VVHP)

Vets with a Mission "Vets With A Mission" is a group of vietnam veterans and non-veterans who are dedicated to bringing healing, reconciliation and renewal to the people of Vietnam.

Army Special Forces Det. A-104 Ha Thanh

Vietnam 1966-67: HMM-265 Marine Helicopter Squadron


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Check them our here: Charity Navigator Website and Research nonprofit

Need a Copy of Your Service Record?

Contact Lori Berdak Miller, a professional Military Service Record Researcher, located near St. Louis, MO.
Visit her website for additional information, fee schedules and contact information.

Casualties of War. Putting American Casualties in Perspective. Website

Arlington National Cemetery Interactive Map

The Congressional Medal of Honor Website

DOD Military Awards for Valor - Top 3. Recognizing acts of valor performed by Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Marines after September 11, 2001. The database was created after the Supreme Court struck down the Stolen Valor Law. Database

National WWII Memorial, Washington, DC Website

Fake Green Berets? How do you know? Who can you go to for help?
These folks can help.

Together We Served website, Marines Memorial Association, ROLL OF HONOR. Remembering those who fell in the service of our great Nation.

Stars For Our Troops Program. Find out how you can show support to those that have Served and those that are still serving. Your old, retired flags with embroidered Stars no larger than a business card are needed today to continue this project. See the website at

The actual newsfilm of the Japanese surrender on the USS Missouri, ending WWII.

The Complete List of US Navy Ratings from Wikipedia

US Navy Order of Display/Wear. Replacement Medals and Display Recognitions FAQ's

World War II Navy Post Office Numbers (WW2 Coded Locations)

The Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial Website

Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)

The Retiree Activities Office (RAO) Bulletins and veterans information bulletins covering medical care, medical supplements, Tax/SS/insurance, legal issues and much more: and

Military Rates of PAY from 1949 to 2011

Naval Ratings, the Guide

Olive-Drab website For those seeking military information for jeeps, HMMWV's, trucks, tanks, weapons, ammo, rations, uniforms, history, books and videos from WWII to the present.

Historical Construction Equipment Association Website

The Library of Congress Website

The American War Library

The American Patriot Freedom Scholarship Program for Military Dependent Children

The Normandy Invasion WWII
Army Transportation Assets during and also links to twenty similar outstanding websites.

Free Military Technical Manuals (TM's).
Operators, Parts, and Service Manuals in PDF format.

Amphibious Forces of WWII

US Government Surplus Disposal Website

Military Living. Click on "Temporary Lodging" for a state-by-state link.

The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) Website

Shades of Green, an Armed Forces Recreation Center at Orlando, Florida near Disney World

Navy Slang Words. From Wikipedia (Uncensored).

List of Navy Acronyms

The Navy Lodge, open to all branches of military retirees.

Welfare & Recreation

Zippo Lighters. NAVZIP. A website dedicated to military adorned Zippo lighters.

Zippo Lighter Date Codes When was your zippo lighter made.

Navy Veterans: A Social Network for Navy Veterans of the USA Website

U.S. Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

The Atomic Heritage Foundation

Fleet Reserve Association (FRA)

US Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, MD Association

Military Website for all Branches of the Service

U. S. Naval Institute

US Submarine Force. On Eternal Patrol

German U-Boats of WWI and WWII. A complete history

US Navy, Official Inventory of ships & service craft

US Navy call signs for WWII ships Alphabetically listed and with hull numbers

Unofficial US Navy Website

US Navy Ships Hull Numbers

US Auxiliary and Service Force Ships. A photographic history of the US Navy by NavSource Naval History

Historic Naval Ships Their current location by State, the type of ship, and the website of the ship.

POW Network

The National WWII Memorial

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans


The Navy Blue Angels

Peleliu Tribute, WWII

Okinawa Pictures, 1945

40th Bombardment Group (VH) of WWII

Kodiak Alaska Military History. Kodiak Naval Operating Base and Forts Greely and Abercrombie, Kodiak

The National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum

The 78th Division WWII Veterans Association

The official website of the 57th Fighter Group of WWII

535th Tactical Aircraft Squadron, 483rd Composite Wing in Vietnam

The National Military Family Association

The Wright Museum of WWII

The National Museum of the USAF

Antarctic Deep Freeze Association.
Contact Bill Stroup -

South Pole Amundsen-Scott Station Website

Jukebox songs for free


Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans and The Agent Orange Act of 1991

VA Nationwide Gravesite Locator

Search Obituaries

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The Social Security and Disability Resource Center website

Special Pension for Veteran's Aid and Attendance toward assisted living, nursing homes or in-home care and

U. S. Veteran Compensation Programs Introduction to the Veterans Aid and Attendance Improved Pension

Official Government Medicare Website

Department of H & HS Administration on Aging Website

Search for Adult Day Care by ZIP Code

Search for Home Care by ZIP Code

Search for Skilled Nursing by ZIP Code

Search for Assisted Living by ZIP Code

Medals, Ribbons, Patches, Stickers, Hats, Uniforms, Challenge Coins, Videos, Books, Films, Rings, and Tours

My name is Roger Hudson and I own a coin business named Cyclone Coins. I'm also a retired Seabee. Spent 30 years with the bees. I have been supplying most of the battalions on the coast and Port Hueneme with their command and deployment coins over the past twenty years. I saw in the Seabee Courier the announcement of all the battalion reunions including your NMCB 62 reunion. I wanted to reach out to introduce myself and my company to you in the event you all might be interested in having a reunion coin made or if you might like to have some NMCB 62 coins made for the event. I currently have the die for the attached NMCB 62 coin which I sell on my website and []( and owned by Scott Sudduth. phone, 1-800-605-4001).
Contact Scott Sudduth - phone:1-800-605-4001 -

Military Times Hall of Valor: Doug Sterner is the curator of the Military Times Hall of Valor and established expert on all things related to valor awards.

Seabee Bolo ties with three colors of rope. 1 blue bolo $10, 1 maroon bolo $11 and 1 white bolo $11 each plus a small shipping charge. Call Mrs Dottie Cardwell at 813-677-1105

Seabee Stickers

Officially Licensed: ARMY • USMC • NAVY • USAF • USCG, A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.
Custom challenge coins, patches, badges, insignia, lapel pins, & more!

Buy the US Navy Deck Cryptologic Technician Rating Patch - CT

FRA (Fleet Reserve Association)
Official Site for clothing, jewelery, T-shirts, patches, watches, and memorial products. Also, all military branches T-shirts, hats, patches for Seabees, Seals, CPO's, ships and hundreds more.
Medals, patches, ribbons, badges and much, much more In business since 1991, we manufacture the highest quality wooden military plaques, seals, desk name plates, podium logo emblems, military shadow boxes, corporate plaques and custom made furniture
Patches, military pins, ball caps, memorial jackets, belt buckles for all branches

Veterans Flag Depot When only American made will do.

Vintage Military Film Arsenal

Military Discounts and Coupons

Military Historical Tours Website

Makers of Military Patches

The Supply Room Co., Medals, Etc.

Exquisite Military Ring Website

Medals, Etc

Military Reunion Pins

Military Ribbons, All Branches

Medals, Hats, Etc.

Military, Seabee, Challenge Coins

Custom Military Coins

Unitcoins, a business solely dedicated to the production of custom made challenge coins for all branches of the military

Worldwide Militaria Exchange, Inc.

Military Art Career Collectibles

The Battle Zone - Military Patches & More

Books, videos, posters, pictures, models & more

The Anchor Store of Navy Stuff

Military Store, Patches, hats

Navy Stuff & Info you need, when you need it

Ranger Joe's Uniforms, etc

Maritime Books: Specialists in Naval Books

VETS Stickers, All Branches of Service

Plaques and Medals

Uniforms, Ribbons, Medals

Noel's Thin Military Ribbons Website

Joe Buff, Military Author

US Navy Memorial Gear Locker for Navy Gift Items of all Types

Name Tag Buttons for Military Reunions

Raf Edzell, Scotland and Holy Loch, Scotland

1967 to l972: Norm Hahn's 217 page Edzell photo album

All copies of the "Edzell Tartan Log", the Station Newsletter are on this websites Photos Page(Link 2). Scroll down towards the bottom of link # 2.

Edzell, Scotland Public Works Department (PWD) Seabees are now on Facebook. Log into your account and type NSGA Edzell, Scotland or Remembering RAF Edzell

RAF Edzell shipmate's personal pictures

Eric Howell's Scotland Photos

Buy the Navy Deck Cryptologic Technician Rating Patch - CT

Holy Loch 1961 - 1992

Intelligence Agencies, Ships, Duty Stations and Related Websites

Bletchley Park. National Codes Centre Website

Naval Security Group Station History Dates

Edzell, Scotland

Lux Ex Umbra

USS Liberty (AGTR-5) USS Liberty Memorial (AGTR-5)

USS Pueblo (AGTR-2) Website

USS Oxford (AGTR-1) Command History for 1969

Spook Riders: DIRSUP Submarine Riding CT's

WWII Waves: Debbie Anderson, daughter of Joe Desch, the developer of the U.S. Bombe has compiled a list of all the WAVES who worked at NCR in Dayton. It can be viewed on her website,
When our facility at Crane closed, the majority of the unclas documents were sent to the National Archives in Maryland. While it would take some effort, the musters are all there and I am sure a complete list of the WAVES (over 4,000) who served in CI during WWII could be compiled.

Federation of American Scientists (FAS)

Marine Corps Cryptologic Association (MCCA) Website

Crypto me

Naval Crytologic Collection and Communications Equipments Website

Technical data on the FRD-10 and a good summary of the site's use for HFDF and general SIGINT

Navy Radio Communications and Technology Publications

ACP 131(F). Communications Instructions - Operating Signals

US Naval Group China Veterans. Sino American Cooperative Organizations Website

CVN Carriers, Atlantic & Pacific and Big Deck Amphibious Ship current locations

The Cold War Museum Website

Cold War Stories, Related Tales & Commentary

Crypto Machines

Buy the Navy CT Patch

The FALCON Codes. First-Person accounts of adventure and history in the sky

US Federal Government central source of official federal & state info

The US National Counterterrorism Center

Naval Security Group Command Display Museum, Pensacola, Florida

Recent Espionage Cases Website 1975 - 2004

English Russia. English language translated website devoted to the events happening in Russian speaking countries

National Security Agency (NSA)

The History of the National Security Agency (NSA)

National Security Agency (NSA), Cryptologic Histories

US Cryptologic History during the Cold War, 1945 - 1989

National Security Agency (NSA) Recently Declassified Documents:

The Area 51 File: Secret Aircraft and Soviet MiGs. Declassified Documents Describe Stealth Facility in Nevada

NSA Cryptolog Journals, Aug 74 thru Summer 97, now unclassified

A guide to Historical Cryptologic Acronyms and Abbreviations from 1940 - 1980

The National Security Archive at the George Washington University

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

CIA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Electronic Reading Room

Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association Website (NCVA)

The Naval Security Group: Joe Glockner's Website

NAVCOMMSTA Greece - Nea Makri Receiver Site

Bremerhaven, Germany, Naval Security Group

Howard Technical Intelligence Museum

KamiSeya Reunion Website

NAS, Port Lyautey, Morocco

Cyprus/Lebanon 1957-1960 Photos

DET 28 Karamursel, Turkey 1962-64

NSGA Augsburg, Germany

National Cryptologic Museum

National Cryptologic Museum Foundation

World Statistics undated in real time

Aviation, Military, Historical

Live Air Traffic, Worldwide, 24/7.
Some tricks; On the map you will see all the planes in the air. To view your region or town, drag the map first and then you can zoom in by tapping with your mouse. Click on a airplane, and on the left screen you will get all the info. Airline, type, speed, altitude in real time, re calculated every 10 seconds. On some you can also click on 'view from the cockpit'

Aviation History from 1918 to the Navy Blue Angels in 148 short movie clips

Pacific wrecks is a free, non-profit website to share information about the pacific war and wreckage that remains today.

Aviation Pioneers

World War I Aces

Hall of Fame of the Air

USS Sable and USS Wolverine, WWII Carriers on the Great Lakes

WW2 European Theater (ETO)

WW2 Pacific Theater (PTO)

The Aircraft Carrier in WWII

WW2 US Marine Corps

WW2 US Navy Aces

WW2 Mediterranean (MTO)

WW2 German Aces

Korean War Aces

Russian Aces

Vietnam Era Aces


World War I Planes

1930s Aircraft photos

WW2 Fighters

WW2 Bombers

WW2 German Planes

WW2 Airplane Pictures

History of Airplanes blog

Nose Art

Postwar Jets

World War Two

WW2 Facts and Firsts

WW2 Medals

WW2 Museums

WW2 Pictures

WW2 Ships

WW2 Weapons

Tricare & Medicare

Medicare Q&A's

Tricare for Life

Genealogy Websites

The USGenWeb Free Project

Wisconsin Historical Society Genealogy

Cyndi List


Ellis Island, New York

Surname Histories, Coat of Arms, Etc Databases


Interesting Facts that happened in the year you were born

Free jukebox oldies songs to listen to while you are on the computer

World Privacy Forum's Top Ten Opt Outs Website

The website of all websites

United States Newspapers. 3300 Links

Debunking/Verifying Internet Rumors





ChaCha Beta Search + brainpower

Spartacus Educational: Free UK website

National Sex Offender Registry


Speciality Stores

Leinenkugel's Leine Lodge

Lighthouses: their decore, history, vacations on, for sale, locations by state

Harbour Lights Gifts

Lighthouse Depot Memorabilia and Gifts

What day were you born? When will you die?

Interesting info on the day you were born

Predicts the year, month, and day of your death

Longevity Calculator

Health and Longevity Calculator - Under 50 years old

Health and Longevity Calculator - Over 50 years old


Greenwood Lakes, Importers of Fine Wines


The Wisconsin Historical Society

A Pronunciation Guide for everything Wisconsin

Wisconsin Shipwreck Diving

Access Wisconsin Public Court Records

City of Eau Claire

County of Eau Claire

Chippewa County

RAO: Retired Military Activity Office, Wisconsin

State and Federal Tax Incentives for Purchasing Energy Efficient Items

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