This website went online in October 2008.

 The idea to create our own website originated from discussions within a  group of NMCB 62 Minutemen who met at the East Coast Seabee Reunion in Hampton, Virginia and the All Seabee Reunion in Gulfport, Mississippi. From these discussions two Minuteman, Billy Millican, then, from North Carolina and Norm Hahn from Wisconsin got together and made it happen.  Billy did the original design and layout of the website and was the first Webmaster.  During that time he was also passing on his website expertise to Norm so that he could assume the website responsibilities after his apprenticeship.  In October 2010 Norm assumed the duties of Webmaster and embarked on a new website design, new visual appearance and better ease of navigation.  He is also the secretary/treasurer.   Price Richardson from Virginia is our President.

NMCB 62 members  hold a short business meeting at the annual Gulfport, Mississippi All Seabee Reunion.   Any  Member,  family member or interested Seabee can attend the reunion and meeting.

Our NMCB 62 Alumni Group has a two-fold mission.  First, to  contact  all  Minutemen, and let them know about our Alumni Group  and to invite them to attend our reunions. Second, to give them the opportunity to add their personal biographies to our database which will eventually  be preserved  by the Seabee Historical Foundation for future generations. 

 Alumni Group Members are military members who were in NMCB 62, and any Seabee ever stationed in Scotland or Ireland.   Certain invited individuals  can also be an Alumni Group Member. We keep our biographies and personal recollections of  NMCB 62 Minutemen (now 2200+ and growing), and those few Seabees stationed in Scotland and Ireland  in a secure database accessable 24/7  only to paid alumni group members.   Ten of our website links are password protected for our paid members only.

Membership dues are a very reasonable ten dollars for twelve months and are used to pay for this website. That's less than three cents a day!   To become an Alumni Member, go to link # 7 on this website and  fill in the blanks then click "submit".  Then write out a check and mail it  to Secretary Norm.   

This website will always be under construction because we are constantly adding reunion and personal photos and items we know you want to  see.                                                                                                                                          

After you have read this page don't forget to sign our guestbook in link # 5 and leave a message for your Minuteman shipmates.  

  NMCB 62 Alumni Group Member Dues Pay for this Website

   Updated:  8 October 2016


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