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Like to hear from anyone who remembersays me nick name was chubby was in MCB 62 A company in Gulfport and Rota end of 73 til Sept 75

Added: October 12, 2017
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I was station with NMCB62 as a ship serviceman and made 2 deployments with them. 68/69

Added: October 10, 2017
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Seabees: Good News -

Roger Sinnott, former LTJG, saw my request "Looking For" info and emailed me the 2nd page of CDR Jones 27 Sep 1969 Family Gram. He is going to send more requested documents in the near future. Thank you very much LTJG SINNOTT.

I'm still waiting for you others who have "stuff" from deployments that needs preserving and sharing with Minutemen members. How about it? We truly are not getting any younger.

Added: October 5, 2017
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Seabee Shipmates: We are looking to add more SEABEACON'S, Family Grams, Division News Letters and home made videos to our website.

Here is what we have on our website link 14.1 now:

SEABEACON - May 1970
CB Courier - Vol. IV, No. 8, April 1969
SEABEACON - Vol. IV, No 2, April 1969
SEABEACON - Vol. IV, No. 3, May 1969
SEABEACON - Vol. IV, No 5, July 1969
SEABEACON - Vol. IV, No. 6, August 1969
the above provided by Jim Thomas, BU2

3rd Deployment 58 minute video made by Minuteman Jim Thomas, BU2.

Four family grams by CDR John Paul Jones dated:
14 April, 1969, Camp Barnes, Dong Ha, RVN
14 May 1969, same place
28 August 1969, same place
27 September 1969, same place. But only 1 page, the other pages are missing.

23 August 1968, the Rocket Attack in the Red Beach area of Da Nang. Written by Bob Ventimiglia & provided by Minuteman Roman Hnatowski, EAC, Retired.

A letter by Minuteman Trent Meredith, CCM, USNR, to his wife and family written 15 August 1945, at the surrender of WW II.

As I said, we are looking for any other SEABEACON's, Family Grams, Newsletters of any kind by the CO, XO, Company Commanders, or anyone that documents life in NMCB 62.

If you have any of these, or something you feel that should be shared and preserved, please contact me by email. Items that we put on this website will get the donor a free yearly, and up to a life membership in the alumni group.

Added: September 28, 2017
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What a beautiful place to honor our veterans and heroes. Thanks for this website!

Added: September 19, 2017
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Vern Abbott was kind enough to send this to Sec Norm.

Subject: SEABEE HERITAGE CENTER 28 July 2017

To: Capt. Hilderbrand,

Can you provide any info on the completion date of the Memorial Plaza at the Seabee Heritage Center? If their is a dedication ceremony, some of my Seabee Brothers would like to attend and also see the memorial bricks.

EA3 Vernon Abbott

Subject: RE: SEABEE HERITAGE CENTER 28 July 2017


Work on the Plaza is proceeding NMCB 13 has just completed the concrete work. The bricks should be done by late October. Our target date for the dedication ceremony is Friday, 1 December with RADM Muilenburg, the Chief of Civil Engineers, as the speaker for the ceremony. After the New Year, a contractor will be brought in to install an awning over the new entrance to the Seabee Heritage Center which is being moved from the north side of the building to the east side where the Memorial Plaza is.

As we get closer, we plan to send an invitation to all those who purchased a brick.

Bill (Hilderbrand, President, Gulfport Seabee Historical Foundation)

Added: August 5, 2017
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To Seabee Shipmates and all others:

My apologies for not entering the website address of Redbird Research LLC. It is on the left web site block of this entry. Sorry.

Send me an email if you need more information.

Added: July 22, 2017
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Greetings Seabees, their relatives and all other military folks:

There are many Seabees and military folks who for whatever reason have never gotten a copy of their own service record, only a DD-214 when they were discharged. Then they lost that. The NMCB 62 Alumni Group Members, whose dues pay for this website, have been trying to find a civilian researcher who, for a fee you pay, will do what paperwork is required, go to whatever place the service records are kept, jump through the hoops and get a copy of that persons service record for them.

Our NMCB 62 Alumni Group is in the process of getting the Battalions personnel reports (these are NOT individuals service records), from 1966 to 1971. It has proven to be not an incredibly good life experience trying to deal with some government historical records storage agencies. So, I have hired a researcher from Washington, DC to help us. He does not do individual service record retrieval so I asked him how our individual Seabees, or their dependents or relatives can get a copy of their own individual service records. He responded that he knows just such a person who does individuals military service records. Her name is Lori Miller from the St. Louis, MO area and her contact info is in the following guestbook entry. Each Seabee, or any military person or relative can contact Lori Miller directly. It is not necessary to go through our NMCB 62 Alumni Group to contact Lori Miller. It is my/our hope that those hundreds who have been trying for many years to get a copy of their service record to help with a VA claim or any other claim will finally be successful.

I am personally confident that Lori Miller will get results for those who have been unsuccessful trying to get a copy of their service record.

I have another document with this and more information which I will email to anyone who requests. My email address is above.

Added: July 20, 2017
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To All Seabees from Secretary Norm Hahn.

I have received this information from our Battalion civilian researcher, Mike Constandy, who lives in Washington, DC. He is the person I have hired to get copies of our Officer and Enlisted Battalion records. NOT the individual service records. The following is edited by Secretary Norm:

Hi Norm,
Sorry I missed your call about personnel records. My contact at the National Personnel Records Center (Individual Service Records) (NPRC-St. Louis) is Lori Miller of Redbird Research, LLC and her email is (see above for her email address).

Lori is an excellent researcher and very diligent, and I am certain your group members will find the same to be true when she works on their case(s). I have copied her on this email.

Lori, Norm Hahn is the Secretary of the NMCB-62 Association and he and his colleagues periodically need personnel research. I hope the two of you can work together and I believe Norm may already have a request.

This is Sec Norm again. Any Seabee or relative who wants to get his/her or a relatives Navy Service Record can personally contact Lori Miller to request her to work on your behalf. You will be charged a fee for her work.

Added: July 19, 2017
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Ahoy mateys. Just a quick hello. Who knew when one of the EA's made me a shortimers calendar while deployed to Puerto Rico 1980-81- I would reverse course and stick around for another 20 years retiring as PNC(SCW).

Added: July 3, 2017
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