The 2018 April Gulfport reunion dates and new hotel location have been confirmed by our
 hosts  at NSVA Island X-1 Gulfport.   The registration form and events schedule have been
sent to Sec Norm.

11-23-2017:  Hello Norm,
We signed a contract with the Best Western Seaway Inn on Hwy 49 in Gulfport.  It is just north
 of the Ramada where we have been having our reunion.  The dates are 19-22 Apr. (2018).
There are cost differences due to prices increases but more to follow for events.  The hotel
 room rates are not much different than in the past though.
Happy Thanksgiving,  Bob  (Smith, X-1 Reunion Committee.)

11-25-2017:  Hey Norm,
 We just got things arrange with the new hotel.  It's even going to take me some time to figure what is there. 
Please have patience and I will let you know anything when I find out myself.
Danny (Duval, X-1 Reunion Committee and reunion Master-of-Ceremonies). 

11-25-2017:  Hi Norm, 
We are working to get your room for your Sunday meeting.  I don't see this being a problem.
Bob  (Smith, X-1 Reunion committee.)

On Monday, January 29, 2018, 11:57:08 AM CST, Danny Duval <duval.danny@gmail.com> wrote:
  Did a recon of the spaces at the new hotel.  There is an area, good size, that you could have your meeting
 in.    It is not a regular room that is closed off.  I think it's big enough, especially on a Sunday morning, to
 hold 50 chairs.    There is no other space besides the ball room.  If you have your meeting there and run over,
it gets into the Going Away Picnic.  Let me know.  Danny

On Jan 30, 2018, at 1:54 PM, Norm Hahn <normhahnjr@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi Danny,   Many thanks for checking this out for us.
If that room will do the trick for us at 1030 on Sunday morning, lets go for it.  I am sure we will
have  50 people attending, so that should work.  Thanks for keeping an eye out for us.           
 Keep safe and warm,  Norm

1-30-2018:  Danny Duvall emails Sec Norm:  Ok, not perfect, but it can work.  I have another meeting
 with the hotel at the beginning of April.  This is to tweet all the events.  Any problems, I will let you know.

Best Western Seaway Inn Gulfport, 9475 Highway 49, Gulfport, Mississippi 39503
Check it out in the Best Western Website.  It's just a few doors north of the previous hotel,
on the same side of the road.  It looks like a nice place.

Note:  Island X-1 Gulfport can only email reunion notices and registration flyers
to those who have provided their name and email address to Bob Smith.

 Email  Bob Smith at smithrp@cableone.net with your first and last name, your Battalion #,
together with your email address.  If you have questions, is cell # is 228-424-1185.  Note: 
Bob won't send you the reunion info without you providing your first and last names and
Battalion # because his list is based on names, not email addresses. 

 This page updated 1 February 2018 by Secretary Norm.