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Updated 5 December 2017

1.    SEABEES BATTALION WEBSITES and Contact Information: 

   MCB 1:    Contact Peter Dowd,  781-837-0393,         mcb1reunion@verizon.net 

MCB 2, CBMU 1/101, CBD 1802, CBD 1804 and CBMU 577 Reunion Assoc:     Contact Scott Williams  williash@aol.com 

NMCB 3:   Contct Harold Schrage    mcb3doc@gmail.com  - updated 11-4-2017

 NMCB 5:     Contact Linda Miers  gmahusker@gmail.com  

6th Special NCB Station Log, 1943 - 1945:   http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~tqpeiffer/Documents/MILITARY%20%20Vets%20-%20Units/Military%20Units/6th%20Spec.%20Const.%20Batt..htm#_CAMPAIGNS   

6th Special Seabees, WWII:  http://carol_fus.tripod.com/navy_hero_6th_ncb.html    

NMCB 6 Website:  Contact John Bevier  jbevier@michweb.net 

NMCB 7 Website:  http://www.mcb7.com   or contact Denny Blaisdell at mcb7ra@yahoo.com    

Eight Ball Battalion.   8th NCB in WWII (1942-1945):    http://www.angelfire.com/hi5/the8ball/main.html                          

NMCB 8 Association Website:       http://nmcb8.com 

MCB 9:  Contact Dave Kurre -  dskurre@att.net   

 9th SPNCB WWII:  Contact John Arnott    poppyjohn660@gmail.com     

NMCB 10 Association Website -   http://www.nmcbten.org     Contact Bill Annett at mcb10bill@yahoo.com         

NMCB 10 Seabees in Vietnam after 7 May 1965

MCB 11 Website:  http://www.mcb11.com/index.htm                Contact Larry Hagler at mcb11.reunion@earthlink.net 

NMCB 14 Alumni Group Website:  http://www.nmcb14alumni.com    Contact Fred Bossard   bossarf@mac.com 

NMCB 16:  Frank Ruedel - 626-286-9662

25th Naval Construction Battalion in WWII:       http://carol_fus.tripod.com/navy_hero_25th_ncb.html         

31st NCB of WWII:   http://www.31st-seabees.com    

34th NCB in WWII as seen and documented by Chief Warrant Officer Samuel H. Hall, CEC, USNR:      http://robroy.dyndns.info/seabee_scrapbook/index.php 

NMCB 40, all eras:  Blaine Pickett    wasp18bee40@gmail.com        11-4-2017

NMCB 53 Alumni Association, WWII and Vietnam:       http://www.mcb53.com/index.html 

56th NCB:  Contact Bill Rosevally   billrosevally@aol.com  

 NMCB 58 Website:  http://nmcb58.org   

The complete MCB 62 WWII Cruise Book is on our website link # 10.    

Part 9 of the MCB 62 WWII Cruise Book contains a complete alphabetical list of all the names and home addresses of the Officers and Chief Petty Officers.

Part 10 of the MCB 62 WWII Cruise Book contains a complete alphabetical list of all the names and home addresses of the Enlisted Men.       

NMCB 62 Website:  http://nmcb62alumni.org  

NMCB 62 and Diego Garcia.  The history of the Island and the Minutemen's presence:  http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/diego-garcia.htm   

NMCB 62  has a official Facebook account.   Log into your facebook account and type   "NMCB 62"  (no hyphen)  into the search block. 

NMCB 62 in Vietnam.  Photos of four deployments.  Five galleries with 213 photos:   See link 2, photos, in our website.

NMCB 62 Minutemen KIA during the Vietnam War:     See link # 6,  MCB 62 Minutemen History   

MCB 62 in WWII:  http://carol_fus.tripod.com/navy_hero_62nd_ncb.html    

NMCB 62 BEEP Magnetic vehicle markers:      http://www.shop.seabeesmuseum.com/product.sc?productId=53     This is Davisville, RI

NMCB 62 Coin (Challenge Coin) :     The Seabee Museum store in Port Hueneme CAN get the Minutemen challenge coin.   Call the store at 1-805-382-2585 someone will help you.   Order by email, seabeemuseumstore@live.com.  

To purchase a CD of NMCB 62 Cruise Books, including WWII:  I have them.  Contact NMCB 62 Secretary Norm Hahn at     normhahnjr@yahoo.com                                                                                  

Other Battalion Cruise Books can  be purchased  from the Seabee Gift Shop at Port Hueneme.    Order at their website:     seabeemuseumstore@live.com

67th NCB:  Contact Diane Swanson Nugent  nugentsix@msn.com 

MCB 71:       1966 - 75 & WWII.     Contact  John Allsworth, 309-682-6158.  JBA843@aol.com      

79th NCB WWII:   http://www.79thseabees.com/Index.htm    Contact Fred Hummel    lenore@dejazzd.com    

 93rd Seabees Battalion WWII:  http://www.seabees93.net        

WWII Okinawa:  A salute to the 6th Marine Division who enabled the 112th NCB to land unopposed and safely occupies the southern end of the Island:   http://www.archive.org/details/The6thMarineDivisiononOkinawa  

121st NCB in WWII:  http://carol_fus.tripod.com/navy_hero_121st_ncb.html         

MCB 121 Website:  http://mcb121.com   Contact Billy Millican at bcmillican@aol.com     

NMCB 133 Vietnam Era Website:     http://133seabeeveteransassociation.org    Contact Dennis Ruocco at gulfport67@gmail.com   11-4-2017 

Diego Garcia Seabees.  C-141 pilot Maj. Ted Morris' website:   www.zianet.com/tedmorris/dg/links.html 

Diego Garcia photos, taken by Eric Howell in 1983:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/wb8vtk/sets/72157622196561371/           

NSA/NSF DaNang Veterens Association Website:  http://nsadanang.com/     Contact Bernie Uhrinek  jbrsar@salsgiver.com   724-353-9627           11-4-2017

Naval Nuclear Power Unit PM-3A:   Bob Fort,  forrobert1@gmail.com    11-4-2017

Port Hueneme Seabees:  Ed Kloster,     www.allseabees.com       11-4-2017

Edzell, Scotland Public Works Department (PWD) Seabees are now on Facebook.  Log into your Facebook account and type "NSGA Edzell, Scotland"  into the search block.  

The Battle of Saipan WWII  -   The Final Curtain:  http://www.battleofsaipan.com/seabee.htm   

Seabees in Korea 1950 - 1953:      http://www.mcb2seabeereunion.com/cbmu-1-101.html   

Twin Cities, Minnesota Island X-2 NSVA Website:     http://www.mnseabees.org   

Nebraska Island X-1, Seabee Veteran Bill Williams has developed a Seabee Plaque type marker that can be used to mark a grave and display a National Flag or used for a lawn maker displaying that you were a proud Navy Seabee. There are 3 options for sale of the marker and the marker can be used for mounting on concrete or displaying a flag with a steel rod provided. I was honored by Bill and Island X-1 in Nebraska to have the opportunity purchase the first one which I did today via "Pay Pal". We Seabees have always required an appropriate cemetery grave marker to reflect the proud service to our Nation. To see the design of the marker, go to www.nebraskaseabees.com website and I believe you will be most pleased with what you see there.  Find us on Facebook at "Nebraska Seabees" or nebraskaseabees@gmail.com.           Carl Barrett, UTC, USN (Ret), Former NSVA National Commander.    

NEED A COPY OF YOUR SERVICE RECORD?:     Contact Lori Miller, a professional Military Service Record Researcher, located near St. Louis, MO.    Visit her website at  www.redbirdresearch.com for additional information, fee schedules and contact information. 

Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC), Gulfport, MS:   http://www.cnic.navy.mil/gulfport      Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/NCBCGulfport

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