A message from the founder of Operation Seabee Knowledge.

If you are not yet a member of the OPERATION SEABEES KNOWLEDGE GROUP on Facebook you are missing a lot. I started this group partly to have a Seabee forum without the vulgarity, politics, and putdowns that poison other groups. It's an on line community of US Navy SEABEES and family members. We share SEABEE history and current events, as well as help find lost Shipmates or info on service of loved ones.You are encouraged to express your opinions on matters that concern us all. However, please refrain from naming names and starting any negative threads. We want to stay focused on the positive as much as possible. Speak in general terms,please !!!!


The original SEABEE grapevine was born out of the OPERATION SEABEES KNOWLEDGE website at www.seabeesinfohq.org which I co-founded in 2004 with author Joe Buff, son of a SEABEE. After sixteen years as a SEABEE reservist I felt it was necessary to find a way to get the current civilian population and even our own military members more informed about SEABEES past and present. Too many people mistake SEABEES in camouflage uniforms to be Marines, Soldiers, or Navy Seals, but very few recognize them as SEABEES right away. Then there is the problem of trying to adequately describe all the many things that SEABEES do to a clueless person in a few sentences. That isn't necessary for the other military communities listed above, who have had wide coverage in books, films, magazines, and on television. SEABEES should be just as widely recognized as the others are which is the main goal of our public information effort. We accomplish lots of other fine things at the same time, but you'll need to get on the grapevine to appreciate all that.

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Normand Dupuis
RNMCB-23, CBHU-14, NMCB-14

Operation Seabees Knowledge